OUR STORE IS NOW CLOSED FOR THE SUMMER BUT WILL OPEN UP IN THE FALL TO TAKE ORDERS FOR SRPING. We would like to send a special thank you to all those who purchased from us this past year and to those who are new here... Welcome to our all organic, double certified seed potatoes! You receive young generation viable organic seed potatoes so YOU can GROW YOUR BEST!
Mondak Gold Organic Seed Potatoes

MonDak Gold Organic Seed Potatoes

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Truly golden! A flavorful, pink-skinned, gold-fleshed with a rich potato taste!  Another one of our family's favorites for making potato soup as the rich potato flavor is so satisfying...plus they make the best seasoned wedges/steak fries by baking them in the oven!  A newly developed, specialty variety behaves almost like a russet in texture but has an even richer like Yukon Gold flavor.  Ready to harvest in 100 days; high-yielding and excellent long-storing.  Developed by Christian Thill of the University of Minnesota as an improvement over Yukon Gold.


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