We are now SOLD OUT of our seed, so very sorry for being sold out so early. Our following has increased so we are out of seed early. A very heartfelt thank you to all returning customers and to our new customers as well!

NEW! Garden Seed: Vegetables, Flowers & Herbs

We are partnering with MJ's sister, Theresa, and her husband, Dan,
to offer our customers high quality garden seed!
These varieties are bred and selected to perform well under organic management. 
They are well adapted to our growing region, and TASTE delicious!
Offering over 70 varieties of garden vegetables, flowers, and herbs
from their certified organic family farm near Fullerton, North Dakota.
Explore the diversity of garden seed varieties they offer by clicking here.
[Opens a new window and takes you to their website, 
so you can order directly from the source, Prairie Road Organic Seed!]
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