We have closed down our store for this spring season. Please check back this fall for new varieities that we are growing this year along with our favorites that we grow. So grateful for all of our customers support - THANK YOU!!


FEDEX has done really well shipping our perishable seed so this is who we use for items over 20 lbs. Shipping is usually close to $1/lb.   If your order ends up being over 50lbs per package then Fedex charges a surcharge.  If you experience your order being more than the $1/lb then you could place 2 orders to keep the lbs under 50lbs.  

We prefer to ship after March 1st, weather permitting, in the order they were received.  This is so we don't have to worry about shipping in the cold, but having said that, this winter has been much warmer temperatures so if you would like them shipped before March 1st just put that in the delivery date area.  We will do our best to ship at your requested time, but if it is too cold, we might wait for more conducive weather and will contact you via email.

You will be notified when shipment is processed via email. 

Again, if you are interested in custom orders for amounts larger than offered on our website, please call for pallet shipping options.  Love to hear from you!

 Contact us:  MJ Carter #701-865-4136 or email mj@carterfarmsseed.com