OUR STORE IS NOW CLOSED FOR THE SUMMER BUT WILL OPEN UP IN THE FALL TO TAKE ORDERS FOR SRPING. We would like to send a special thank you to all those who purchased from us this past year and to those who are new here... Welcome to our all organic, double certified seed potatoes! You receive young generation viable organic seed potatoes so YOU can GROW YOUR BEST!


FEDEX in 2020 has now added on extra surcharges for packages over 50lbs.  Any package weighing over 50lbs will be charged an extra surcharge of $25 to $35.  To stay under we have now changed our offerings to 48lbs so total with packaging is 50lbs.   If you want to split your order into 2 that can also be an option to stay under 50lbs. 

All orders will be shipped after March 1st, weather permitting, in the order they were received.  You will be notified when shipment is processed via email. 

Again, if you are interested in custom orders for amounts larger than offered on our website, please call for pallet shipping options.  Love to hear from you!

 Contact us:  MJ Carter #701-865-4136 or email mj@carterfarmsseed.com