Welcome to our all organic certified seed potatoes for 2021 planting season - we only sell what WE grow. NEW - Huckleberry Gold for eating purposes.
Huckleberry Gold Organic Seed Potatoes

Huckleberry Gold Organic Seed Potatoes

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  • Creamy, buttery texture with EXCELLENT taste
  • Mid to late summer 90-100 day maturity
  • NEWLY developed known for it's LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX, great for diabetics!
  • Specialty variety with stunning purple skin and golden yellow flesh
  • Uniform shape ***The size is on the smaller size IF - important to keep the soil moist to the very end (when vines are turning yellow and dying) to allow the tubers to size up***
  • Delicious when baked, boiled
  • Fabulous mashed potatoes, baked fries or baby potatoes on the grill. 
  • Certified seed/Certified organic


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