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Dakota Rose Organic Seed Potatoes red skin white flesh great flavor

Dakota Rose Organic Seed Potatoes

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  • OUR FAVORITE red skin white flesh
  • Medium early maturing  70-90 day
  • Produces excellent yields.  
  • This potato is just one of a kind with gorgeous bright red color and exceptionally smooth skin 
  • So creamy when mashed! Boils beautifully keeping its firmness and taste Baked - taste first as butter isn't really necessary
  • Gourmet variety not carried by the commercial potato industry 
  • Everyone should try this variety, and once you do, you will probably never go back to any other kind of red skin, white flesh variety
  • Make sure to leave it in the ground to set skin for 2 to 3 weeks after defoliating the vines
  •  Harvest some in July to capture those yummy baby reds! Just dig carefully
  • Certified seed/Certified organic


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